Project Ara Launch postponed to 2016

People who have been waiting for that Project Ara finally makes its debut in the form of a modular smartphone called Spiral 2 at the end of this year, will be disappointed. Google has today confirmed through Project Ara official Twitter account that the release of its first smartphone first delayed until 2016.

According to Google, the reason for the delay is the presence of the big problems in development than previously expected. This news may upset many of those who follow the project, but on the other hand, at least, it is clear that Google is working hard on the development of a device that will forever change the smartphone market.

Project Ara The idea was born in the Motorola Company in order to build modular smartphone, made of parts that are easily replaced. Thus, if the user requires a new device from the camera, or more memory, it can only update just one module instead smartphone.

Project Ara Launch postponed to 2016

When the search engine giant has acquired Motorola, Project Ara was one of the departments of Google, and remained so after the sale of Motorola Mobility Lenovo company.

Initially, Google is planning to launch the first smartphone Project Ara in Puerto Rico. But now, the company said it is considering options to launch the project in some US cities.

However, as mentioned above, it will occur in the next year. And we can follow the progress of the work through the Project Ara in the official Twitter account.

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