Project Ara lit on Twitter

Twitter Account Project Ara back to life, at least on August 12, bursting with two tweets. This is the first word of the command, after several months of calm, which began May 30.

As can be seen, in the first tweet Project Ara decided to check whether the fans stayed with the team. Due to the prolonged silence tweet received only 119 retweets 290 additions and in «Favorites». But even now for Project Ara continue to monitor that can not but rejoice.

Project Ara lit on Twitter

In the second tweet team apologizes and explains the reason for his long absence, which consists in the fact that the developers of modular smartphone «We did things».

Project Ara lit on Twitter

I still do not know the specific reasons for the lack of activity Project Ara. It is hoped that the team has been very busy and is now ready to present something really impressive.

Of course it is too early to call this the beginning of the activities of Project Ara, and that finally they will present the fruits of their labors are very long, but the restoration of communication with the public is always a good sign that soon there will be more information about the results of the development of modular smartphone.

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