Qualcomm and Verizon are testing LTE-U

On Friday, the Federal Communications Commission gave the go-ahead for further testing LTE-U network, also known as LTE-Unlicensed.
Verizon and Qualcomm companies are among the major companies that are interested in testing LTE-U, to find out if commercialized in the future network.

Qualcomm and Verizon are testing LTE-U

Meanwhile, Google and various cable companies fear that if the LTE-U will be approved, it will negatively affect the Wi-Fi network. LTE-U uses signals in the unlicensed spectrum wireless chastt (5 GHz).

Unlike the spectrum belonging exclusively to wireless, LTE-U has to compete with other signal transmitting and receiving devices in the same range, in particular Wi-Fi network range.

These signals include competing home broadband networks, access points offered to customers of certain companies, and more.
Verizon and Qualcomm say they can use the spectrum for LTE without interfering with the broadcast of other users.

Google says that such use may result in the displacement of people are Wi-Fi, but some experts have called the Google case untrue.

Of course, even FCC certification does not mean that in the future networks LTE-U actually be used. However, this technology is quite promising, because in the next few years we will be able to see it run.

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