Qualcomm fell under the EU charges

Over the years, more than one American company (and many European ones) have come under fire for violating EU antitrust laws.

Qualcomm fell under the EU charges

Now, Qualcomm has faced several problems since European regulators have accused the manufacturer of bribery and other anti-competitive practices.

According to the European Commission, they have reason to believe that Qualcomm is guilty of illegal transfer of large amounts of cash to an unidentified “major customer” in order to convince them to use only Qualcomm chips.

In addition, Qualcomm intentionally sold many of its processors under cost to expedite care for European competitor of Icera company, out of business. Icera subsequently were acquired by NVIDIA.

The EU argues that this practice gave the company an unfair advantage over competitors. If convicted, Qualcomm’s will have to pay heavy fines, although the exact amount is difficult to call right now. Qualcomm has given time till April, to answer the accusations.

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