Qualcomm patented new technology

Development of Dual-SIM smartphones has reached the point where functionality Dual-SIM module can be used variably, for example, to connect the SIM-cards to the Internet. Nevertheless, there is still a great limitation: the inability to perform the two call simultaneously. Fortunately, Qualcomm is the solution of this drawback.

Qualcomm patented new technology

Qualcomm has recently patented a system that allows you to make two phone calls at the same time using the same smartphone.

The requirements for this are smartphone with two SIM-cards, and connect to your smartphone through the headset, Bluetooth or cable.

Since this is still a patent, we do not know when Qualcomm company decides to implement the technology in its processors for mobile devices. We do not even know if it is possible to upgrade the current chipsets will be in order to make them compatible with the possibility of simultaneous calls.

Nevertheless, we hope that soon Qualcomm will announce his plans for this technology.

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