QWERTY-keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +?

As expected, Samsung Galaxy Edge + will be officially launched on August 13 (along with the Galaxy Note 5, and possibly a new Galaxy tablet). Until now, S6 Edge + is simply a larger version of usually Edge. However, Samsung Smartphone unannounced wanted provide a large number of differences than resolution.

@evleaks Recently published a rendering showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + paired with a cover, which is also a QWERTY-keyboard. We do not know whether the case is made by the Samsung, or with the help of third-party accessories for smartphones.

Rather, it is the company’s product is the Samsung, as the cover navigation buttons are very similar to the navigation buttons that could be seen on the old Galaxy line of smartphones.

QWERTY-keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +?

Obviously, accessory attaches Galaxy S6 Edge + singularity. On the other hand, the age of these keyboards is almost over and it is not clear why Samsung decided to release a similar case in a couple of unique smartphone.

It is assumed that the accessory will be released with the start of sales Edge + and we can only observe if successful will be the decision of the Korean manufacturer.

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