RAM Mobile will increase to 4 GB

When manufacturers of smartphones and tablet computers began to supply devices with 1 GB of RAM, it is seen as a significant step forward. Currently, the flagship Android-devices equipped with 2 GB of RAM, although a short time and this standard may become outdated.

Recently, the company SK Hynix has announced that in the near future is going to put on the market 4 GB chips LPDDR3 RAM, designed for tablets and smartphones. A similar statement was made, and Samsung Electronics, who are currently developing new chips LPDDR3, the maximum amount – 2 GB.

The new solution not only doubles the amount of RAM, but also increase the performance of mobile devices, in this case, compared with the current LPDDR2 RAM chip power consumption is reduced by 10-20%.

It is unlikely that the topic of the lack of RAM for smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android, as well as future Firefox OS and Tizen, is relevant, although to run gaming applications this innovation can be helpful.

It is unlikely that someone from the current (and potential) users abandon the new interfaces and multi-tasking by prolonging the battery life. Especially if the price would be the same.

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