Reduce the threshold for turning the camera off when the battery is low

Very often, there are moments when you need to take a photo, but Android is reporting that the battery is dead! It is therefore necessary to reduce the the threshold off the camera when the battery is low!

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Necessary tools and requirements

1. Deodeksirovannaya firmware

2. File framework-res.apk (Located in the / system / framework)

3. Java Jdk

4. Android MultiTool

5. Notepad ++

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Instructions on how to reduce the threshold of the camera is turned off

1. Android MultiTool placed in the root of drive C: \

2. Decompile file framework-res.apk through Android MultiTool

3.  Go to the folder to decompile file framework-res en route  framework-res / res / values ​​/ required file integers.xml.

4. Open it using Notepad ++

5. Find the line  lt; integergt; name =»config_LowBatteryCloseWarningLevel»gt;20lt; / integergt;

6. Change the value of 20 (or other value, depending on the model, manufacturer, firmware) to the value. for example 0 – lt; integergt; name =»config_LowBatteryCloseWarningLevel»gt;0lt; / integergt;

7. Save your work in Notepad ++

8. Compile the back using Android MultiTool and sign it

9. Copy the edited file framework-res.apk in Android by replacing the previous one.

10 Restart your Android device!

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