Removal of advertising apk Android applications

Continuing a series of lessons on editing the Android applications. In this lesson, we consider how to use the editing apk remove ads!

This lesson applies to series Editing APK.

This lesson involves the surgical removal of advertising from the apk. For those who want to try alternatives to the removal of advertising, you should pay attention to the article:

 You must!

If you have opened this tutorial you should already know what decompiling and compiling

1. Notepad ++

2. SmartApkTool

3. The application for an example with advertising Backgammon Free

Manual removal of advertising apk Android applications

1. After decompiling application apk Backgammon Free open the file AndroidManifest.xml

2. Remove the application to connect to the Internet, as the Internet is loaded with reklakma

Removal of advertising apk Android applications

3. If you try to compile and sign the application, you get an error message in the application «You must have Inertnet and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions in AndroidManifest.xml». This means that advertising requests  connection, but it is not!

Removal of advertising apk Android applications

4. Go to the second step, we remove the error in the application. Open search -gt; Search in files (specify a folder to decompile the application) -gt; write the text of the error «You must have ….»

Removal of advertising apk Android applications

5. Remove the data line

Removal of advertising apk Android applications

6. Compile the application, and install the sign, and then seeing that there is no advertising!

This is how quickly and painlessly removed Advertise with apk Android applications.


After surgery in the application and the signature, you can not update it in the Google Play store, so you need to update it to remove, re assemble and sign! The signature is unique for each PC!


Manufacturer software live by advertising or shopping applications. If you want the application or game has evolved, improved strongly recommend hold Developer and as infrequently as possible to use the data  method that is described in this article!

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