Remove Root rights with Android

Who wants to get Root rights on a smartphone or tablet, someone wants to remove the Root rights with Android, this article is just about the past!

In previous articles we talked What is Root And How get Root rights on Android, This article will describe how to remove them, and the reasons why they should be removed or not removed.

Remove Root rights with Android. To be or not to be?


1. Android smartphone or tablet «buggy» – After receiving Root rights sometimes have problems such as hang or not a stable job and spontaneous reboot. The solution to this problem is to reset the data or Android you must remove the Root rights with Android, even as an option to flash the device.

2. Service Center – If your device is broken and you are sure that it is not your fault, but the warranty repairs are not  has expired, it is necessary to contact the service center of the manufacturer,  but if they see that you have root access there is none it for free is not repaired, the conclusion must be removed root access to Android.

3. Fear of viruses – are increasingly heard about that on Android a lot of viruses, but refusing Root rights does not mean that your smartphone or tablet will be more secure.

How to remove the right to remove from the Android Root

method №1

In order to remove the right to perform the re-flash Root via computerAndroid firmware.

If any remain after a firmware problem, follow reset / wipe Android.

method №2

If you have an application administrator Root SuperSU, then go to its settings and locate the following item

Remove Root rights with Android

If you set when installed else besides Root rights, and even custom Reocvery, then it too can be removed by following the re-flash (just the selected recovery partition).

№3 method

Install the application from Google Play Root Browser Lite

Remove Root rights with Android

Open the application Root Browser Lite

Follow the path / System / app

  • Remove SuperSu.apk application (Superuser, regulating the application root access)

Follow the path / System / bin

  • If you have to delete files busybox or su

Follow the path / System / xbin

  • If you have to delete files busybox or su
  • If you have to delete the folder .su

Reload this Android smartphone or tablet

If you have an application installed SuperSu responsible for the work of Root rights, then go to him, go to settings and click «Delete Root»

If you have installed custom Recovery, it is necessary to return the original stitched taking with the original firmware. It is also recommended to perform re-flash Android after these procedures.

Root rights are removed and «bugs» It has something to do?

Very rarely, but it happens, after the installation root access on Android, he begins to fail, such problems arise if  Root getting going with the help of universal programs.

What to do in situations, if your Android tablet or smartphone is buggy:

  1. Remove the Root rights (as described above);
  2. Perform a full reset – Wipe Android;
  3. Format the internal memory and microSD memory card;
  4. If this does not work, it is worth re-flash your Android (if pierced, then repeat) – Android firmware.

Root rights are removed!

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