Removing system Android applications

In one of the lessons on editing APK Android apps, why and how build applications and services to the operating system, in this same lesson, consider how to remove from the system! Let’s start!

This lesson is a continuation of the Encyclopedia of editing apk.

What is necessary!

  1. Installed Root rights on your Android device
  2. File Manager access record rewriting section SYSTEM and DATA (eg Root Browser)
  3. Apktool – (for newbies)
  4. SmartApkTool – (for newbies)
  5. Notepad ++  – (for newbies)

What does it mean for beginners? If you’re just starting to learn Android, and make the first steps in this direction, understand the meaning of «how it works» make better use of these funds.

Whether or not to remove the system application

Remove the system application, only in order to replace a similar, more convenient option. If you remove in order to increase the memory to expand the memory to be installed, then you are sadly mistaken! Memory and partition for the installation can be:

/ Data / app or / storage / sdcard1

While the system applications are in section / system

If you have updated the system application, let Google Maps, then install the update to the / data / app, and the old version of it will remain in the / system / app.

Therefore, think well, maybe it is not necessary to remove the system application, you may need to manually build it?

Theoretical information

System applications and services are under SYSTEM:

/ System / app /name.apk

If ODEX firmware or parts of it – is next to the system application can be a file similar in name but having a different resolution:

/ system/ App /name.odex

Removing system Android applications

Some files have additional libraries that are:

/system /lib /

Various caches and database system applications and data services are:

/data /data /papka_prilogenia

If firmware DEODEX or parts of it – the files are:




Also in the smartphone and tablet marks Samsung usually has a section Preload, which may be an application and odex files.

/ Preload / system /name.apk

/ Preload / system /name.odex

Plus, again, the Samsung has a so-called regional not remove applications that are installed each time, if you make a full database reset (wipe).

/system /usr /csc /name-region

Where a name-region can be the code name of your region, for Russia and the CIS – SER, Ukraine and the CIS – SEK.

What can be removed from the system?

At this answer, you can find 1000 responses on the Internet, claiming that it is possible and what is not! The correct answer will be your personal approach and preferences! As the line of the great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin

«and the experience of the son of hard mistakes»

All individually until you make a couple of mistakes and gain experience, you realize that you can remove and what not!

Naturally there is a small set of rules that can be removed, if you saw a similar name, it is not necessary to remove:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Launcher
  • CSC
  • Settings
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • MMS

Golden Rule

If you delete something, it is necessary to think, how to replace a similar uninstall apps.

Manual removal system Android applications

This instruction increase over the Internet, but it shows how to remove completely and correctly system application

(for newbies)


  1. Open File Manager, copy the application to the memory card, which later need to move your computer
  2. decompiled it
  3. Open the folder decompiled application
  4. Open using Notepad ++ file file AndroidManifest.xml – find «project name» (Package)

Removing system Android applications

5. Note if dekompilirovnnom application LIB folder, if there is a note which files are there.

Removing system Android applications

With increasing experience, these steps do not need to be.

Remove the system application

To make it clear, let us take an imaginary application 1.apk

  1. Remove the application /system/app/1.apk section
  2. Delete the file ODEX application if the firmware odeksirovana /system/app/1.odex
  3. Remove the library if the application has been LIB folder. Go to the folder / system / lib / and delete the file (s) * .SO applications
  4. Go to the / data / data and delete the application folder («project name»)
  5. If the firmware has been found DEX DEODEX the application file in the / data / dalwik-cache or / cache / dalwik-cache, the name  the application will be similar to this kind of system @ app @ 1.dex

Now we have to restart Android and you’re done!

Successful experiments you!

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