Restart LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Although LG and is known as a manufacturer of smart phones, the company has also tried his hand in the market of portable devices. Unfortunately, their first experience of smart watches, Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, was not successful.

Restart LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition

Yesterday LG representative said much about their brand. The company had some good news and some bad. The spokesman said that the manufacturer has to focus on its own brand, which means we will not see LG Nexus smartphones this year. The good news is the return of one of its “unsuccessful” LG 2015 units a year.

Starting wearable LG Urbane 2nd Edition was canceled just a few days after they were released in November last year. The reason for such a quick cancellation was the problem with the display. Fortunately, by LG, designed it seems to have solved the problem, and now they are ready to release the clock again. The company plans to resume the sale of the device in the second half of this year.

When the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition was first announced, they were the first Android Wear-enabled device LTE. The gadget has also received the highest display resolution of 480 × 480 pixels. So we can say that there are many reasons to love this device.

Other specifications are pretty standard Android Wear watch: 400 Snapdragon processor, 1.38-inch display and a battery to 570mAh. LG has not revealed details about the cost of the device restarted, but taken from the sale of accessories worth $ 199.

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