Root rights to smartphone Galaxy Nexus

In this article, you learn how to get Root rights to smartphone Galaxy Nexus!

For those who only became a novice or an expert it is not in the vast world of Android, and is not familiar with the concept of how to – Root Android, and why you need it, you can do after getting Root rights or subsequently get rid of them if they are already required, can be found in the article – root Android!

First of all!

This article is not «left» links or unnecessary actions! If you really need Root rights, read carefully and follow step by step, it is a guarantee that you will do everything right! Now proceed to the preparation Root rights!

Required for Root

1. Download and install drivers on the PC

2. Download ADB RUN and install it.

3. Download the file to root-ation and move into the smartphone

4. Download Recovery CWM (Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM)

5. Charged Nexus at least 50%

6. The original undamaged USB cable

instructions Root rights to smartphone Galaxy Nexus

Translation Nexus in flashing mode (bootloader)

Turn Nexus and hold button Volume Down + ON / OFF and displayed here is about the menu

Root rights to smartphone Galaxy Nexus

 Unlocking the bootloader

Run a proprietary program Adb RUN and go to Manual -gt menu; ADB, and then enter the following command:

fastboot oem unlock

Confirm unlocking keys (volume – control, on / off – to confirm)

Firmware Recovery

Translate Google Nexus back into download mode. downloaded file Recovery CWM (For your NEXUS) move to the folder C: / adb / progbin / vash_fayl.

Run the program Adb RUN if switched off and go Manual -gt in the menu; ADB, and then enter the command:

fastboot flash recovery nazvanie_vashego_fayla.img

Installing Root rights on the Nexus

Translate into Recovery mode (to do the same as in the translation in the bootloader) and volume keys Recovery menu The user is to find and confirm the input power button.

Then install the Root rights stitched  previously downloaded file – through of the Occupational

Root rights are obtained, you can now automate Android!

Check Root rights

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