Sales Chromebook & rsquo; s have exceeded sales of Windows-laptops

Agency NDP Group published a report sales of laptops running on Windows operating systems, Chrome OS, and OS X, in the corporate segment.

According to the agency, laptops that come with the Chrome OS, for the first time outstripped supply performance laptops that are used as the operating system Windows.

Sales Chromebook & rsquo; s have exceeded sales of Windows-laptops

Beginning of July marked the Chromebook sales growth’s 50%. In the first half of the current year, as compared with the second half of 2014, notebook shipments in the Chrome OS for the corporate segment grew by 43%.

It should be noted that the reason for the increased interest to the Chromebook in no way linked to the downturn trend in the market as notebook sales on different operating systems have shown growth, albeit not as impressive.

For example, on a Windows notebook shipments grew by 6%, while the MacBook showed an increase in sales by 42% in comparison with the previous year.

It seems that with the help of Google has finally become possible to promote Linux-based system to the masses, and although Chrome OS can not yet offer the functionality and convenience of Windows or OS X, the company continues to improve the system and make it convenient, and usability.

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