Samsung agreed to compensate the damage to Apple

In 2011, Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement, such as “multitouch gestures” and “click for larger version”. The following year, the court ruled in favor of Apple. Apple has requested $ 2.5 billion in damages, but the judge ruled that Samsung must pay $ 1,049,343,540.

Samsung agreed to compensate the damage to Apple

After a heated legal battle that took a lot of titles, the Samsung company finally agreed to pay a little more than half of the assigned amount.

The final figure of $ 548 million was reached back in May after some protracted court proceedings. Now the two companies issued a joint statement to the court in which Samsung has agreed to pay this amount.

Samsung, however, have indicated that they reserved the right to return the payment of compensation by part or in full, depending on the outcome of any future judicial decisions.

So it seems that the dispute will not be resolved in the near future. Of course, the Samsung company has agreed to pay damages, but they are not going to give up on it.

It is expected that the company will appeal to the US Supreme Court to review the case. If the US Supreme Court will agree, the case will be delayed even for a single year.

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