Samsung asked Lama draw Galaxy S7

An integral part of successful sales of smartphones Samsung is marketing. Samsung Advertising campaigns are becoming more sophisticated every year, and the company is spending more and more on their conduct, to accurately ensure that all are aware of the upcoming devices.

Samsung asked Lama draw Galaxy S7

Advertise in social networks using the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy video has already confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will be protected from moisture and we are almost certain that the company will introduce only two new flagship, on Sunday, February 21: normal, Galaxy S7, and larger size Galaxy S7 Edge.

Again, leaks and rumors have shown us enough, and it is no secret that both devices will look a lot like last year’s model, though with some slight modifications.

To whet the interest of users, Samsung Sweden introduced a new advertising campaign that was called “Seven Days of Unboxing”. And it began with the first video – downloaded yesterday – where the child drew a smart phone, which is covered in 30 seconds.

In his next video, we see a very real llama, which also will soon draw what she saw. The resulting image was very clear, but it is clear that the animal tried my best.

In general, the campaign every day becomes more interesting, we hope that the video coming days will be the same unexpected.

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