Samsung can equip S7 12-megapixel camera

Hot on the heels of the recent rumor that Samsung is in talks with Sony about the use of the camera’s sensor, which can be found in smartphones Xperia Z5, the network has information that the opposite of the previous leak.

Samsung can equip S7 12-megapixel camera

One Weibo blogs, which has a pretty good track record, mostly about the upcoming processors and other hardware components, IIceUniverse, claimed that Samsung is considering a revision of its strategy regarding the cameras.

Instead of chasing the ever-increasing number of pixels – Samsung plans to make a bet on a much larger sensor with a lower resolution. We can only welcome this decision, because larger sensors with smaller pixels resolution will get larger and / or more space between pixels, which in theory will be able to gather more light and less crosstalk and signal distortion.

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