Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S7 existence Edge

Until now we have had only indirect evidence that Samsung announce the Galaxy S7 Edge – the flagship with a curved display. Now, we no longer need to guess as Samsung confirmed its existence on its website.

Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S7 existence Edge

The reference appears in the section for developers on the Samsung Mobile website where developers explains how to use Look SDK, which is designed for creating applications specifically for non-traditional input methods.

There’s Samsung talks about how to overlay information on the edge of the display, and rezhima Edge Single Edge Single Plus, where the overlay can display much more information when you pull the side tab.
The description says that the new modes will be supported “Galaxy S6 Edge M OS, Galaxy S6 Edge + M OS and Galaxy S7 Edge M OS”.

Thus Galaxy S7 Edge of the screen can be used to control applications as well as additional information.
According to previous rumors, Galaxy S7 Edge will be equipped with 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2560h1440 pixels and get 4 GB of RAM.

Also, the device will come with a Snapdragon processor 820 or Exynos Octa 8, depending on sales region. On the internal memory capacity of devices is not known, but considering insider from @evleaks, new items will not be shipped with a version of 128 GB ROM.

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