Samsung continues to lead the world, smartphones

With all the flow of rumors and leaks, we gradually forget that the mobile industry is primarily a business. It’s time to think about it.

Samsung continues to lead the world, smartphones

According to the researchers Counterpoint, Samsung remains the leader. It seems that the Korean giant has managed to offset the decline in sales of its current crop of flagships of the S6, thanks to a wide variety of other models, such as with a premium, and in the middle price segment. Samsung is able to achieve 19 percent share in the global market, compared with 10% for Apple and 7% for Huawei in third place.

Samsung continues to lead the world, smartphones

It is necessary to clarify that the above figures are relevant for mobile phones in general, whereas in the niche of smart phones Samsung has about 21% of the world, followed by Apple with its 14% and Huawei with 9%.

But, in addition to Apple and the Samsung, the graph shows an impressive increase the presence of Chinese producers on international markets.

In addition to Huawei, the second quarter was successful for Xiaomi, which has 5% of the global smartphone market. In Asia alone Xiaomi Apple able to surpass 11% of the market, compared to 10% kupertinovskimi.

This trend will continue in the coming months. Asian brands on the rise – the ASUS company, for example, has become the fastest growing brand with a 500% rise in shipments, followed by Vivo with an increase of 400%. It is therefore due to market expansion in India and Africa, where growth could exceed 7 times global, which means that Chinese manufacturers are rapidly becoming a powerful force in the mobile sphere.

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