Samsung drew attention to the self-governing cars

Samsung is soon could enter the business self-car, but in a slightly different role.

Samsung drew attention to the self-governing cars

South Korean technology giant released the plans under which the company intends to build a team that will develop automotive parts for other companies.

This new car division will separate from Samsung and the other three business units, and will focus on the manufacture of components for use in autonomous vehicles.

The press release states that the department will begin to focus on the automotive multimedia systems, satellite navigation, and autonomous vehicle components manufacturing.

This is the first public recognition of interest in this Samsung rynkv. Of course, mobile technology will play a huge role in the future, and Samsung wants to be at the forefront of this movement.

Samsung has been manufacturing components for smartphones from other manufacturers for many years. Displays, processors, batteries and much more is part of the Samsung, it is not surprising that the company wants to try his hand in the segment of smart machines.

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