Samsung expects a slight decline in sales

Samsung is a leading supplier of Android-smartphone in the world. However, despite the relatively high profit for the previous quarter, the company expects a slight decline.

Samsung expects a slight decline in sales

According to a recent report from research firm TrendForce, in 2015 the company will expect a slight decrease in smartphone sales compared to the previous year.

After a continuous and even in some point a terrible growth, TrendForce estimates that Samsung plans to ship about 323.5 million smartphones by the end of 2015, which is 1% less than a year earlier. Naturally, the reduction of 1% away from the catastrophic numbers, but it is a sign that Samsung is struggling to maintain control over the world market of smartphones.

TrendForce confirmed that when faced with Chinese manufacturers, the Samsung lost share in the low and middle price segment. However, if Samsung will be able to limit their losses at this level, the shareholders do not have to worry.

Overall, the smartphone market has expanded by 9% in the second quarter. Trendforce said that this increase was mainly due to the launch of numerous smartphones that hastened to submit to the announcement of iPhone 6S.

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