Samsung Galaxy A8 has passed FCC certification

It’s no secret that Samsung is going to introduce an updated line of A. series smartphones We now know that in addition to the Galaxy A5, A7 and A9, we can see another device.

Samsung Galaxy A8 has passed FCC certification

Not so long ago A3LSCV32 model passed FCC certification. Given that the current Galaxy A8 designated as A3LSMA800S, there is no doubt that the last certification is the next generation smartphone Galaxy A8.

Listing FCC reveals some details about the device. The dimensions of the device is 157.9 × 76.9 mm. device size will be 144.3 mm, which is 5.68 inches, which is also very close to the 5.7-dyuymovlmu screen Galaxy A8. In addition, the battery capacity that is specified in FCC, is 3050 mAh. Last but not least, the devices are tested with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Unfortunately, there is still not known nor the date nor the price of the upcoming device, but we expect to be able to learn many details in the near future due to insiders.

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