Samsung Galaxy Note 5 passed the test power

Last year, many fans were concerned about the line Note that the resolution of QHD screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has received the same amount of battery as its predecessor. What a surprise it was when the smartphone has shown better results than the Galaxy Note 3. It appears that history is repeating last year.

After the announcement of Note 5, in various forums have been a lot of concern over the fact that the fifth-generation line of the volume of the battery will be 3000 mAh, which is 220 mAh less than the Note 4. In the appendage to this, the device proved to be non-removable battery, which increased the potential resentment buyers.

Now, when an updated Note underwent testing tests can kostatirovat: Samsung has made a miracle and Note5 was better than the previous generation. Both smartphones with screen brightness of 200 nit run custom web script that mimicked everyday tasks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 passed the test power

Of course, independence was not much better, given the reduced volume of the battery, however, Note5 worked 9:00 11 minutes, while the Note 4 proved Result 8 hours 43 minutes.

Also, the smartphone has overtaken its predecessor on the charging rate of the charge up to 100% for 81 minutes, which is 14 minutes faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 passed the test power

It seems, Samsung kept his promise and processor Exynos 7420 received an excellent balance of performance and power consumption.

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