Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared in the photo

Samsung Galaxy S7 will be presented less than a month, according to rumors, it will be held on 21 February. And since we are almost completely unfamiliar with the device’s specifications, it’s time to learn how to look forthcoming flagship. The leaked photos from smartphone production process.

One of them shows an array of modules, front camera device, labeled SM-G930F number. This number, as we have seen, corresponds to the internal designation Galaxy S7, designed for the international market.

The second photo shows all the smartphone, although it is enclosed in a protective housing, which made it almost recognizable design. Despite the sticker on top of the corporate name, a form of the Home button clearly makes it clear that it is satisfied by Samsung.

It is known that on the Samsung special event will present multiple versions of the flagship. We will be able to see smartphones with both conventional and with a curved display. the device will also be available with two different processors.

Chinese and American users can purchase a smartphone with Snapdragon 820, while European buyers Canadian version will be available with the Exynos 8890.

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