Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared on a live photo

Over the past months, we have faced numerous leaks about the Galaxy S7. And now, finally, we can, we have the opportunity to look at fotografmyu upcoming flagship in real life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared on a live photo

According to previous leaks, the device should have received a curved back cover, similar to Galaxy Note5. Photo confirms this information and disclose other details about the smartphone.

One of the drawbacks, passing from one generation to another Galaxy S – protruding camera lens. Through insiders, we know that in the future flagship of the degree of protrusion of the camera will be greatly reduced, so that the lens was nearly flush. As you can see the new photos, camera design has been redesigned and supports much smaller.

Galaxy S7, presumably, will consist of a metal frame, and the majority of the body will cover the glass.

And although this picture shows the plastic housing, probably, the Samsung made the prototype of a different material, in order to keep the appearance of a mystery.

The report also mentioned the improved processor Exynos, which offers a 15% increase in processor and graphics performance.

As usual in the case of line Flagship Samsung, there will be a variant with Snapdragon, and apparently, the device will receive a high-quality DACs.

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