Samsung Galaxy S7 receives port USB Type-C

If you need the hard evidence that the Galaxy S7 receives USB Type-C connector, the new drain with Weibo, finally gives us a good look at the bottom panel.

Samsung Galaxy S7 receives port USB Type-C

As you might guess, the image shows the same microUSB port, which we knew and loved for many years. And the fact that the company this year will not begin to transition to the new standard, rather unexpectedly.

As is known, the company wants to go beyond the boundaries wherever they may bring as much innovation in their smartphones. Therefore, the fact that the company decided not to use the improved USB standard, in many respects do not seem company.

Of course, the company itself knows how to do them better. Standard still at an early stage, and many cable manufacturers do their best to release the products to the new standard.

Some are so hurry that they completely ignore the specification and this has led to the destruction of at least 1 unit with USB Type-C. Therefore, Samsung may just want to avoid any potential problems that may arise with connector USB Type-C.

On the other hand, microUSB is not so bad. In fact, to check the position of the cable, it does not require so much time and standard still supports the fast charging technology.

So it should not be a big issue when choosing a device, especially since Samsung Galaxy S7, according to the leaks, would have a number of advantages that users will not leave indifferent.

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