Samsung Galaxy S7 tests on Snapdragon 820

Recently, the site of the popular benchmark emerged unknown device Samsung, with nearly 96,000 points. It was assumed that the South Korean company is testing device S flagship line – Samsung Galaxy S7 with 820 Snapdragon processor «aboard».

Of course, we can not be completely sure that the powerful device of AnTuTu is Galaxy S7, but there was a new confirmation of the existence of the smartphone.

Today, the network has documentation according to which Samsung really started Galaxy S7 testing.

Samsung Galaxy S7 tests on Snapdragon 820

Insider @Kjuma, recently posted photos of the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, shared a report on a device called «Jungfrau» – That is the code name was Galaxy S7. Given that Samsung has mastered the accelerated development of devices that can be predperemestit that we will see a new device later this year.

Leaked documents show that the device has a processor MSM8996. It is the internal code name is none other than the Snapdragon processor 820 from Qualcomm.

Samsung Galaxy S7 tests on Snapdragon 820

Also in the report shows that the operating system in the test device is Android M. Well, Galaxy S7 does exist, and we only need to monitor the situation, and waiting for new leaks of insider.

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