Samsung Galaxy S7 using Sony’s sensor

As you probably know, Samsung has finally unveiled Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, after months of leaks. And now we have a new camera data, which have the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 using Sony's sensor

Despite the fact that many of the rumors say, the Samsung did not use their own BRITECELL sensor. BRITECELL sensor pixel size is 1 micron while champions camera pixels by 40% more.

And today it was announced that the flagship Sony IMX260 sensor installed. He came to replace the sensor IMX240, which was used in last year’s Galaxy S6 and Note5.

Both the current leader should use a Sony IMX260 sensor on all markets, and hence the quality of the shooting will not change depending on sales region. Interestingly, the front camera sensor is identical to the flagship 2015.

On the other hand, it seems to be a Samsung developed a special audio chip for the Galaxy S7 line. The application identifies him as «Lucky CS47L91 Sound»And we know that «Project Lucky» It was code-named Galaxy S7.

So we can assume that it is a custom chip designed specifically for the South Korean company’s devices. Hopefully this will improve the audio quality compared to previous Samsung flagships.

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