Samsung goodbye to bulging chambers

It seems that the future of smart phones Samsung has appeared «killer-feature»Which will deprive them forever bulging chambers. Today, South Korea has announced a 16-megapixel ISOCELL camera sensor, codenamed S5K3P3.

Samsung goodbye to bulging chambers

New 20% thinner than a similar sensor installed in the Galaxy S6.Vazhno noted that Samsung has made reducing new sensor size without loss of image quality. The company assured that the chamber using a new sensor, shoot no worse than those already existing.

Samsung S5K3P3 already available to device manufacturers. And we would not be surprised if the sensor will be shown in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of sensor cameras, not to mention the production of processors, memory and many other semiconductors.

However, the lead was still takes Sony: its matrix Exmor found in many high-end devices from Apple is the Samsung, although not all of Sony’s own devices Ironically have Exmor «aboard».

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