Samsung has replaced the 1 million Galaxy Note 7

Samsung updates the information exchange Galaxy Note 7 on an almost daily basis of the program. A few days ago, the South Korean company has announced that 57% of customers in Europe have exchanged their Galaxy Note 7, while earlier this week, Samsung said that more than 60% of customers in the United States did the same.

Samsung has replaced the 1 million Galaxy Note 7

Now the new update from Samsung indicates that about 1 million customers around the world are now using the new, safe Galaxy Note 7.

In the same statement, the Samsung promises to investigate every complaint, which come from Chinese customers, who claim that their supposedly safe Galaxy Note 7 overheated and the battery is discharged too quickly.

Even if these cases are not connected to the phone battery is very detrimental to the Samsung, when the news continue to make headlines about Galaxy Note 7 faults.

Samsung Galaxy Note sales will resume 7 in South Korea on October 1 after the completion of the exchange program in the country. Other countries have long to wait. For North America and Europe, this could happen in late October or early November.

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