Samsung introduced a 12-Gigabit module RAM

If you think you have 4 GB of memory for a smartphone – it’s too much, then you should prepare for the 6 GB of RAM in the upcoming smartphones, since Samsung announced the mass production of 12-Gigabit LPDDR4 DRAM modules.

Samsung introduced a 12-Gigabit module RAM

Each module – a 1.5 GB memory, that is, 4 of these modules can be equipped with a device to enable the 6 GB of RAM. Earlier, Samsung has achieved the ability to produce 8-Gbps modules, but now Samsung has to offer twice the capacity for the same size. The South Korean company said the new modules occupy the same space as the previous chip occupied with 3 GB of RAM.

New AMD is also much faster, the assurances of Samsung they managed to increase the speed by 30%, combined with a 20% reduction in energy consumption.

Samsung has also hinted that the next generation of its flagship smartphone will offer 6 GB of RAM, so it’s possible we will not have to wait long for a smartphone with large amounts of RAM than is usually found in laptops.

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