Samsung introduced an operating system for IoT

Samsung introduced an operating system for IoT

Recently, the Internet of Things has become a very promising market, so it is natural that Samsung Electronics will invest a lot of funds in the forming sector.

Samsung introduced an operating system for IoT

The company has already demonstrated «clever» Refrigerate for CES earlier this year, and now the company has officially announced that they represented an entirely new operating system for IV devices.

According to Samsung, the company will announce its new software on the Samsung Developer Conference, to be held next month in San Francisco.

On the Samsung website it says that the new software will be available “open source an RTOS, which has a wide range of features while maintaining easy and efficient footprint”.

Samsung has declined to provide any more details about the new operating system, but it can appear on many future devices from the company, including household appliances, clothing and the like.

According to reports, the Samsung has a number of connected gadgets and appliances in the development, including cooking stoves, washing machines and light bulbs. Will the coming of these devices operating system, is not yet known, but the company apparently believes that open source will help to accelerate the emergence of such devices.

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