Samsung introduced Case-klavitaturu

Although most of us feel just fine, using, not all are willing virtual touch screen keyboard that desire. For these users, the doors are always open to the BlackBerry world, but what if I want to stay on Android?

The Samsung, it seems, partly solved this problem. The Korean giant has revealed a new smarkeys with a physical keyboard for Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge +, which will be sold separately.

The price of a new keyboard is not known, but we know the name of an unusual accessory – Samsung Keyboard cover.

Samsung introduced Case-klavitaturu

Wear your keyboard does not use batteries and Bluetooth-connection – instead it uses a touch screen. After connecting, the smartphone accessory recognizes and adjusts it under a virtual keyboard on the screen.

When you press a physical button, press the corresponding button on the touch screen. It is also possible to vertically expand the keyboard 360, if it is not needed.

Samsung introduced Case-klavitaturu

Of course, this is not the first physical keyboard, which we have seen over the years, but this is a new experience for the Samsung and the first time he did something like that for a leader.

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