Samsung is preparing a new processor

It’s no secret that Samsung is developing a flagship processor Exynos 8890. According to unconfirmed reports, Samsung is working on a chipset Exynos 8870, which is less powerful than the upcoming top-end chipset.

Samsung is preparing a new processor

By Exynos 8870 will be made specifically for the customer Samsung, in particular, Meizu. According to rumors, Meizu Pro 6, which will appear next year, can use this chip.

The expected performance of the new chipset – on a level with the Snapdragon 820, but, unfortunately, there is no information about the chipset architecture.

We suspect that Samsung will equip the Custom processor cores The Mongoose, although more information will be available when Samsung Exynos 8870 begins to experience benchmarks.

Also, the report says that Samsung will use this processor on their devices.

We can expect that the Exynos 8870 will appear in the second quarter of 2016. While we have no official confirmation from Samsung, or from Meizu, but we can expect to announce in the coming months.

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