Samsung is testing the 18.4-inch tablet

Samsung has always been known smartphone with a large screen diagonal. And, if earlier for a Korean company dragged the title producer «lopatofonov». But over time, Samsung and its Note line defined by the present trend, motivating other companies to increase the size of the displays. But what if Samsung decides to break with a similar idea in the tablet market?

I lit interesting ship on Delhi Air Cargo website. This tablet model S.S.-18.4, which, apparently, can boast 18.4-inch diagonal display.

Samsung is testing the 18.4-inch tablet

Forwards party consisted of seven units total value of € 3261 ($ 3560), which is about € 465 ($ 508) apiece. These figures are not final cost of future tablets, but it can be a guide for future retail tsene.Kak can be seen in Listing, the device will be destroyed after testing. This is done in order to prevent leakage doreliznye.

Naturally, there is not one photograph of said device, and the listing clearly stated that inventories will be thrown out, and there is a high probability that we will never see the actual device. But if all the same 18.4-inch device will be presented – we should expect major changes in the Tablet PC market.

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