Samsung launched a program of renovation Smartphones

Last year, there was an information network that Samsung is about to launch a special update program, which on the basis of monthly payment users could update their old flagship Galaxy S on the new model. And now, the South Korean manufacturer is starting to make the first steps in this direction.

Samsung launched a program of renovation Smartphones

After starting the software update in the UK, the Samsung company has made available to the program and at home. Terms sounds quite attractive for those who always want to have the latest and greatest model of the Galaxy S. range

According to the official announcement, the user can buy the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus and enroll in a 24-month plan, which is $ 6.35. This will allow the owner of a smartphone to get a new Galaxy device as soon as it becomes available, but not earlier than 12 months. Thus, the transition cost is only $ 76.

However, we are not quite sure what’s happening with payments during the remaining 12 months in terms of updates. Our best guess is that you can upgrade your smartphone only once in two years, while continuing to pay for the device.

However, even in this case, the program continues to sound quite attractive. Plus, there is also mention of the Galaxy Note, but it may mean that the other company’s flagship line will qualify for the program, or, perhaps, even better, the user will be able to make the transition from one series to another.

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