Samsung leads the AMOLED-display market

While Samsung has made significant progress with AMOLED-paneled, those who buy or use the displays of other OEM-manufacturers, may not be aware of the differences between the traditional LCD and OLED. Recently, however, the market is changing and AMOLED-panel gradually appear in a variety of devices.

Samsung leads the AMOLED-display market

According to a new report by the IHS market research firm, sales of organic panels increased by 100% compared to the previous year in the third quarter, along with 79 million shipped panels.

The total value of shipments for the third quarter is estimated at $ 3.29 billion. The company covers the Samsung overwhelming majority, they accounted for 95.8%.

The report also said that from Q2 2015 to Q3 2015, global shipments of AMOLED-display grew by 35%.

Samsung has recently considered the possibility of increasing the production of displays. It was also reported that Samsung sold LCD factory to focus on AMOLED.

Well, given the growing popularity of AMOLED-display, we can expect that this segment will be new players, but will they be able to press the Samsung – can only guess.

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