Samsung may release a smartphone with a foldable display

The Samsung Company, may be preparing to launch a smartphone that is radically different from bude everything else on the market.

Samsung may release a smartphone with a foldable display

HSBC analysts predict that the South Korean electronics maker is going to release a smartphone with a folding screen. The announcement of the unusual device can be held in the second half of 2016.

Samsung is exploring technology foldable screen for many years, and there are rumors that it is developing a smartphone codenamed Project Valley (although the manufacturer has not confirmed nor denied the insider).

Folding display will allow users to get a much larger screen, which is useful for games and media content, without significantly increasing the dimensions of the device. But few expect from the producers that they announce such gadgets in the coming years.

However, a new report HSBC claims that the technology «It will be sooner than we think». Analysts believe that Samsung will introduce foldable OLED smartphones already in 2016.

In their view, foldable OLED in the flagship from Samsung will “killer-fichey” Galaxy line. Implementation of the folding OLED smartphones also bodes well for the growth of the entire display market.

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