Samsung needs to reform the patent system

Samsung is trying to get the Supreme Court to consider his case with Apple’s patent lawsuits. Samsung arguments is that the entire patent system is outdated from the time when there was such a technologically complex products, such as smartphones.

Samsung needs to reform the patent system

It makes sense only if the reform of the patent system will be based on other technology companies. Thus, companies such as Google, Facebook, Dell and HP have provided expert advice Samsung for their submission to the court.

If there is something that scares the company, it is the fear of being dragged into a patent lawsuit. If Samsung and their colleagues will be able to persuade the Supreme Court to hear the case, it may be the first step towards a much-needed reform of US patent laws.

Samsung claims that the 12 members of the jury can not understand the complexity of patent law, particularly when it comes to modern devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The company insists not only on the reform of the patent system, it also wants to change the destination of the jury, that could hardly understand the evidence submitted by Samsung.

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