Samsung patented a new type of identification

Imagine: smart strap watch on your wrist identifies your personality through the veins. This technology can be used to see what you think.

Samsung patented a new type of identification

Samsung has filed a patent application with the USPTO for the method by which intelligent clock will scan the vein authentication identity of the person that wears the device.

When you first set up the clock will read the vein and to compare the results for future reference. Infrared technology can be used to capture images of veins.

Given that the technology that appears in the patent application can be used to verify the identity of such solutions can be used as a key to open the door of the car or hotel room.

It can also be used to authenticate in mobile payment, replacing the currently used fingerprint sensor or password.

The patent application states that the technology will contain a sensor that will capture the user’s vein image processor and configured to identify a user by comparing the captured image with the already registered vein data.

If the technology is so impressive, as we expect, it can use the heartbeat as the authentication method.

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