Samsung patented a new use S Pen

As you may know, Samsung has patented new smart cover with stylus S Pen, which could turn any smartphone into a kind of Galaxy Galaxy Note.

Samsung patented a new use S Pen

This would jeopardize the release of the next generation of devices with built-in stylus from Samsung. But it seems that it’s not all Samsung plans for their new device.

There are many smartphones that have built-in stand. And judging by the new patent, the Samsung, line Note smozhe soon be able to do something similar with the help of S Pen stylus.

Samsung’s patent suggests that future models S Pen can be placed in the device is not completely and then bent at 90 degrees, serving as a kind of stand. There will also be an opportunity to return the stylus to its original position, to put it back into the socket.

Naturally, this is only a patented idea and should be a long time before Samsung Primea for its implementation. Nevertheless, it is quite an interesting look at how the S Pen can be even more useful, in addition to universalnoshg stylus, which is an accessory.

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