Samsung patented Case with S Pen

Samsung S Pen is one of the best styluses on the market, but it comes only with the Galaxy Note line of devices. Now, a new patent suggests that the company could provide its digital pen to more devices, with a specially designed smartphone body.

The patent, which was published in Korea hints at the case for the smartphone with extra space for a stylus. Based cutouts which include physical buttons Designated Home, it seems that this model was intended for other devices Galaxy. However, it is possible that Samsung may offer a similar enhancement, and other Android-devices, or even iPhone.

Of course, S Pen support the addition is not as simple as attaching a silo. Series Galaxy Note includes additional hardware built into the display, along with special software that allows you to use the advantages of technology. So even if the S Pen can work with other smartphone, it’s probably not a good use of the experience.

Also, there is no guarantee that this patent will ever be a real product. Now it is just an idea, thought up by the Samsung, but it will be interesting to see if the company can really make this concept a reality.

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