Samsung patented three concepts smartphones

Three different concept related to the back of the smartphone camera, have been patented by Samsung in South Korea, which gives us an idea of ​​what might look like the following smartphones.

Patents have been found on KIPRIS, which is a patent search service that is connected to the regulating authority KIPO. The latter is equivalent to the US UPSTO.

Samsung patented three concepts smartphones

The first concept shows a smartphone similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge +. On the back of the device is a camera on both sides framed by a xenon flash. Most likely, this is a concept that can be implemented now. However, the Samsung smartphone is equipped with a large battery to provide power dual Xenon flash.

The second patent is dedicated to the modular system, which allows the user to equip the device with different cameras. The sketches that accompany the patent include a combination of camera and flash, with a large variation of the lens, which can offer optical zoom, and a variant with interchangeable lenses.

Last concept demonstrates the thinnest smartphone with a large component on the rear panel, which is the camera lens and the flash. The smartphone is a physical shutter button, and a button to adjust the approach.

Of course, there is no way to tell if Samsung plans to use some of these ideas for future smartphones. Be that as it may, the concepts that are now published, is now protected by patent law in South Korea.

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