Samsung patented whisper recognition technology

Samsung is known for a variety of technology patents. The manufacturer has applied to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which describes a method that will help to better understand the whisper of smartphones.

While the patent does not include the actual technologies that the smartphone will be used to whisper recognition, he talks about the system that will be used to activate this mode on your device.

Thanks to the gesture that mimics podnesenie palm to her mouth, as if the man whispers in the ear of another, understand the smartphone that the owner of the voice was lowered, thereby activating the system. For those who use their smartphone to discuss sensitive issues, it may be an opportune moment.

Of course, this does not mean that we will soon see the device, equipped with similar technology, but even more so do not expect the availability of new technology in the Galaxy S7.

Nevertheless, it would be quite interesting to see such a possibility in the next few years.

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