Samsung Pay will start in September



Samsung created the payment service, which is similar to Apple Pay. In the second half of 2015 it will begin to run on devices South Korean company.

Service Samsung Pay has been announced at the beginning of the year, along with the S6 smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy 6 Edge. But since there was no news on when this service can be used. Maps disclosed managing director of Samsung Electronics Park Jin-Young: He said the company will launch the service in the second half of this year, probably in September.

Samsung Pay will start in September

Payment system Samsung Pay will not only work on smartphones South Korean company, but also on smart watch their production, as well as Apple Pay can be used on the Apple Watch. However, the principle of the service is significantly different from Samsung «malic» bills. The Koreans refused to NFC technology and use LoopPay. This technology allows you to generate the same signal, which comes from the tape ordinary payment card. That is why using Samsung Pay will be possible to pay for goods and services in the vast number of shops, while Apple Pay functionality is severely limited.

However, Samsung owners living in the CIS countries, early to rejoice. While the payment system will only work in the US and South Korea. When service will be available in other countries, a representative of the company did not specify.

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