Samsung presented a new vision of TouchWiz

Samsung presented a new vision of TouchWiz

Over the past few years, the UI from Samsung, TouchWiz, has gone through many changes, most of which were, perhaps, for the better. Needless to say, with every new release, the user interface TouchWiz is slowly but surely becoming more like a table UI Android.

Samsung presented a new vision of TouchWiz

Samsung Galaxy S7 with the new version of TouchWiz is proof of this, but it seems Samsung has not liked the idea of ​​a final rejection of their old ways of development.

While TouchWiz interface on Galaxy S7 is quite “clean” compared with the previous versions, it seems, the Samsung company’s vision as to how to look user interface has been transplanted into a new, additional “advanced” a user interface that is designed for the latest flagship smartphone.

The new interface is called “Good Lock” and now it is available for download for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 via the app store.

In a nutshell, Samsung Good Lock – an optional user interface that relates to changes in the lock screen. The manufacturer describes the application as “Samsung advanced system interface”, Suggesting that the Good Lock offers users a more convenient lock screen with additional settings.

Good Lock allows users to group notifications folder and allows “hold” svapoypom notification to the right or to conceal them within a certain period of time. Despite its name, however, the changes extended to other elements of the user interface, in addition to the lock screen, for example, the menu of recent applications.

But most interesting is that the Good Lock changes the element of the quick settings in the notification bar, and includes a function “Routines”That allows users to change the design of the user interface on the basis of location or time of day.

Well, it seems, the Samsung decided not to act radically and gradually introduce new elements of the interface, depending on how people perceive them. This is quite a good approach, and whether they will, only time will tell.

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