Samsung registered a new trademark

Samsung has patented a new name for one of their products, and have a pretty good guess, to which device they could use it.

Samsung registered a new trademark

And although the name Gear 360 is ideal for VR-headset, we assume that it is the commercial name of Samsung can be used for Project Beyond, their virtual reality camera that not only allows you to record 360-degree video, but also to shoot in 3D.

More than a year ago, Samsung introduced Project Beyond at CES and now, it seems, the company is ready for its launch.

Of course, this is only a hypothesis, since the application has not been trademark information about a product. It can be any gadget that holds the Samsung, for example, where a smart watch “360” It would mean a round display.

Perhaps we will learn more about what the name of what Samsung is going to use the patented name during MWC 2016, which will begin on 22 February.

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