Samsung reported for the fourth quarter

With the restructuring of the corporate organization and product lines, the Samsung company has been able to stabilize their sales and profits, which dropped the last two years.

Samsung reported for the fourth quarter

Of course, it does not post a record $ 8 billion for the quarter, as it was in 2013, but $ 5.1 billion – an excellent result for the three months.

Thus, the Samsung profit of $ 5.1 billion, demonstrating a significant increase in profit compared to the same period last year, but 15% decrease compared to Q3 2015.

Samsung’s mobile division is likely to contribute about a third of revenue, according to analysts, is both good and bad news.

Commutative point is that Samsung is gradually fighting his dependence on the mobile unit, which just two years ago brought a 70% profit.

But at the same time it shows that Samsung is under pressure from rivals like Xiaomi and the Meizu, thanks to which the average price of a smartphone sold decreased.

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