Samsung revealed details about cameras BRITECELL

Samsung has shared information about the upcoming camera sensor BRITECELL with investors.

As it became known, the company aims to make a smaller camera module, higher resolution and enhanced dynamic range, enhance quality shooting in low light conditions.

It is the dream of all the camera manufacturers, but the laws of physics can not be violated. Therefore, the company decided to abandon the traditional Bayer filters, replacing the green pixels are white. Green pixels are filter, which blocks light from the claims of the filter will result in more light reaching the sensor. Motorola is trying to do something similar with the Moto X.

BRITECELL new camera will have a resolution of 20 megapixels, with a pixel size of 1 micron. The camera module will be slightly less than the 16-megapixel camera, the size of pixels which is 1.12 microns. Despite the small pixels, the new array should work better in low light conditions.

Dynamic range is improved with a smart function WDR, which will use multiple exposures. The sensor is also equipped with a phase autofocus for faster, more accurate shooting.

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