Samsung start baton April Fools joke

Samsung start baton April Fools joke

It took less than a month from the moment Samsung unveiled new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, so to see the teaser of the next Galaxy S8 rather strange tease another announcement quite strange, to put it mildly.

Samsung start baton April Fools joke

Of course, given that tomorrow, April 1st, known throughout April Fools’ Day jokes, everything falls into place. Tweet that says that “something big is coming tomorrow”It shows a figure 8.

Now, we all know that Galaxy S8 will be presented in about a year at the same time, but until then we expect Samsung’s other equally interesting devices.

The company is no stranger to playing members once a year. Last year, we saw that the South Korean giant introduced the Galaxy Blade Edge, which was essentially a smartphone, but at the same time with a knife.

Other smartphone manufacturers, such as Google, are not sitting idly by April 1. Last year, Google introduced Pac-Mans in Google Maps and turned everything on their home page.

April Fool’s joke – it’s always great fun, and given that this April promises to be a productive month for manufacturers, it would be nice on the eve of a little laugh at the mobile industry.

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